A day in EVO Minecraft world

I woke up in the morning, got out of the bed and looked outside to see how the weather was. Still rainy, so I quickly went back inside.

I then went into the bathroom, got my pajama off (don’t worry, there are no indecent pictures here), and took a shower.

I stopped the water to avoid wasting it, then I brushed my teeth. After I finished the morning washing I put on a shiny suite. Thinking of bad weather outside I went to the library to pick a book.

I found a very interesting one, The TNT Explosio(n), written by a young and promising author – MVPatrascu (my son). Armed against the boring rainy day I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen, to pick also some food. Then I installed myself comfortably and started reading.

The exhilarating non-stop action kept me interested for the whole two pages, to the sweet-sour end (I will not spoil it for you). I noticed some spell and grammar errors but they are excusable at his age (9 years), which is not the case for me.

A few hours later the weather was finally better, so I decided to take the subway to the Mall.

My favourite apparel store had some really shiny shirts but they were not blingy enough for me so I decided not to buy any of them.

By the time I finished shopping, it was already evening. I took a ride to the castle admiring the beautiful buildings in the area.

When I arrived there it was already midnight and the castle looked so scary that I suddenly felt the need to return to my nicely decorated hi-tech house. In fact, with the classy portrait on its wall, it must be the most beautiful house in the area.

Now I have to go to sleep because I must get up early if I want to have enough time to work on my unfinished super secret highly sophisticated project.


But I will present this project in another post, if I manage to finish it…