A Story about Friendship

Once a very active member of our community, MP was almost absent during the recent years. However, he recently published some nice pictures from one of his travels so I called to ask him about his most recent adventures. He told me that he is very far from home and the connection was not very good, but when I proposed to delay the discussion he said that it doesn’t bother him at all to talk. In fact, he seemed very excited about some events that the wanted to share with us. This is his story, as usually mixing fantasy with facts supported by pictures, but also revealing an unknown facet of his personality:

“On the way home from the citadel I encountered a lot of glitches into the matrix. My horse, Vifor, went missing many times so I had to return to search for him on the open sea (I traveled by boat and he was attached with a leash). I decided to take a route on land where the risk of losing him forever was lower. At least, I thought so…

We landed on a small peninsula covered by a birch forest and crossed by rivulets. Because of the lag I missed him again and again, disconnected and connected many times to recover him and in the end I drowned in a 4 blocks deep river trying to find Vifor. So I found myself in the graveyard in front of the ocean monument arena, with nothing in my inventory and not knowing exactly where I lost my horse and my items. After I uploaded the pictures from the citadel, I looked again at the map and I saw the graveyard was more than 1500 blocks away form the area were I have died so I needed a plan.

After 2 seconds of thinking, I reconnected to the matrix and I started swimming, running, climbing and running again towards the place where I hoped to find Vifor. I only stopped to steal a bed from an igloo, so I could skip the nights, and after a while I reached the birch forest.

I searched every river small or big, I even went swimming far from the shore not being sure if Vifor made it to the land but with no success. I lost my way many times, each time I looked at the map I was surprised to see how far I was compared to where I though I was.

I started to like the area and thought about making a base there so I kept wandering until… I saw him again – on a river bank, a few hundreds blocks from where I thought he should’ve been, my trusted Vifor, wearing his shiny armor, was guarding the chest with my lost items.

It was one of the most emotional reunions I ever had inside the matrix. Maybe it’s because that if you know the owner of the matrix he might try to restore a scene from a previous save, or he can even revive you partner, while here he seemed lost for ever. But most important was the bond created between us during the many days we traveled together, when he saved my life with his speed when we were surrounded by monsters or when I spent a lot of time carving a way for him out of the cave we have fallen in.

I think that from now on I will never travel alone again. He will help me be faster in the desert or in the plains, maybe we will be slower in the forests, but we will be together and together we can reach the top of the world.”

The call ended prematurely, right before we could ask for details about the so called matrix, deaths and revivals and so on. While we are proud to offer a platform for free speech to everyone, so we published the story exactly as told to us, we remind you that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author (MP in this case), and not necessarily to our site, to EVOMC community or to its moderators.

! Get the facts about the matrix


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