The Ocean Monument

For many years people were fascinated by the ocean monuments that seem to have been built by a civilization far more advanced than ours. Many teams gathered to explore such monuments and to make them available for public visits.

But we all know that this is a dangerous and very laborious enterprise, as strange prehistoric creatures still guard these monuments and attack the daring explorers. There are unconfirmed reports that the beasts use some kind of magic power inducing the so called “mining fatigue”.

Moreover, nobody could view them from the outside, as they are all in deep ocean. The satellite images just give us a hint of the majestic silhouettes but soon we could have a much better view.

Once famous (mostly for posing as an archaeologist and trying to take credit for other people’s discoveries), MP says he found o solution to reveal the full splendor of one monument. Based on his previous history, there is little wonder that people did not took him very seriously and laughed at his claims of possessing an advanced (alien?) technology, he named “coding”.

His first demonstration was a big fiasco, the only visible result being a global power black out, promptly repaired by the Engineer in Chief – ZZidka. One less known outcome of his actions was the complete disappearing of one monument that was under the monitoring of the Society for Protecting Underwater Monuments against Explorations – SPUME.

MP ignored the activists protests and he managed to enclose a second monument inside a huge glass wall that he later filled with sand to replace water. He then started to remove sand, but this takes time as care must be taken to avoid damaging the original structure and the scary guardians are still around (not to forget about the constant harassment given by SPUME).

He now asks for help from fellow explorers to uncover the beautiful structure. If you want to join the effort, you have to travel to the warp “om_dig” where you will find a constant supply of milk to prevent the mining fatigue. All you need is to come armed with your best digging equipment and a lot of patience.



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