The Jungle Adventure

2016-09-23_12-10-53Ten days ago, after one of the recent power outages in our village, MP told some friends that he witnessed the opening of a direct passage to the Nether that could have been the cause for the blackout. Since then he only was spotted once or twice, each time on a hurry, carrying his explorer backpack.

This morning we were surprised to meet him at the local restaurant, calmly enjoying his coffee and eager to talk to anyone. Obviously, we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his latest experiences .

-Hi, we are happy to see that you are ok, we heard that you went through some dangerous adventures these days. Can you tell us how it started?

-Yeah, did you hear about the desert monument that I discovered?

-Sure, but we are talking now about the more recent adventures into the jungle and about the gate to the Nether…

-I’m talking about the same thing. Hidden in a chest inside the monument I found an ancient map that was very difficult to understand because the shoreline changed a little and some rivers and lakes are not the same. A water route starts from the ocean, goes West in an arch passing near four temples then goes North towards a black and red church then takes a sinuous way to finish to a fire symbol slightly to the East.

After some research I saw that it covers some area near the end of our railway towards the West. It’s a huge jungle with a lot of rivers and lakes and, as I discovered there, tunnels filled with water. But I forgot to take a boat with me, so I had to go by foot most of the time.

Once inside the jungle the compass started to spin randomly so I couldn’t follow the route showed on the map. I wandered for days, passing near the old temples with some messages on the walls, sometimes finding myself in the same place as before, until I found a village at the edge of the jungle. The church in the village was black and red, exactly as the symbol on the map, so I knew it was the place I was looking for.

Not knowing if the locals were friendly or not, I hid myself during the night. In the morning I borrowed a boat and followed some of the villagers along the river and thru the water tunnels and after some time I saw a big fire on the water. They went thru the fire and disappeared.

-They were burned?

-No, they emerged back from the fire after half an hour, with some heavy chests, and  returned to the village.

-So they could walk through the fire?

-I think they did some trick with a lever that opened a secret entrance before going down, but they took it back when finished. After they left I tried to go down myself, but I get burnt.

-So you didn’t manage to get inside?

-No… Not then, said MP smiling mysteriously, then suddenly left the table saying he has some urgent business.

We ran after him to give him the pouch filled with nether wart that he forgot on the table, but he said we can keep it because he has plenty of it and went in a hurry. Tested in a lab, the nether wart proved to be of best quality, not obtainable in an overworld farm, and might worth a small fortune for the pharma industry.

So, what we know for now:

-the route starts near the end of line station of the Western railway (weekly departures from the village on Tuesdays at 13:00 UTC)

-it’s better to follow the route on water

-inside the temple there are messages on the walls; might be worth reading them

-the black red church is somehow important

-the final destination could be a source for valuable nether wart which could pay for expedition costs

And a final note. Inside the pouch MP left on the table there was a piece of paper with some words scribbled on it: inside the pit down 20 blocks  lever on the wall open door.



2 thoughts on “The Jungle Adventure

  1. Wow! I can’t beat you on those quests. You are a natural! Please keep those quests coming, Mircea! I intend to go on a quest on Friday! I’ll let the community know and maybe we can have a group! 🙂 Linda rocks at it! I hope she can join us.


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