New archaeological discovery or hoax?

Known for the discovery (or, more precisely, the unearthing) of the desert temple situated not far from EVO village, once famous archaeologist MP is again in the news. He claims to have found an ancient building carved inside a mountain, but he just doesn’t remember the place.

He recalls he was walking on the suspended sandstone pathway outside the village taking pictures when he fell down into the water (blaming intense sun exposure for this). He decided to explore a little, hoping he might discover new interesting places and that’s exactly what happened: he found a beautiful rock-cut structure reminding of Petra treasury.

Unfortunatelly, his phone’s battery died just when he arrived, so among the pictures MP provided us there is only one image showing a part of some stone columns to support his story and even this one is considered unreliable by some experts (saying it could have been taken anywhere).

Because of the extreme heat and hunger (he ate only melon during this expedition and drank some unspecified liquid), MP passed out in front of the building, but he came to senses during the night and started to walk, arriving by chance at the old temple and from there to the village.

His story was not taken very seriously by anyone, until the owner of the local liquor store told some friends that our hero suddenly paid his years old debt after he came back from the desert, using a huge diamond.

The news spread quickly, so a lot of people came to explore the area hoping to find the place (and especially the treasure), based on the pictures. You can see them walking around the village like zombies, looking at their phones each step, just like Pokemons hunters.

Let’s see who will find the monument (if any). If you take part to the search, send us your pictures, but don’t put any coordinates on them. Good luck!


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