Astonishing Archaeological Discovery

Famous adventurer and archaeologist known as MP made a stunning discovery close to EVO MC village, unearthing an ancient temple very well preserved.

While it looks like he was not the first to enter the temple, as treasure hunters have been there before and took all the valuable things (at least that is what he declared to the authorities), the discovery is important because of the minutious restoration of the sacred place of those who inhabited this area long before us.


Interviewed by the reporters of EVO MC Journal, Rose Bard, well-known scientist who took part in securing the area and making it suitable for public access, told us: “This is an incredible find, I didn’t know such building even existed. We knew that people inhabited the desert before, but we didn’t expect they were such skilled builders. It would be difficult even today to craft the sandstone so smoothly.”


We also discussed with the brave explorer who made this staggering discovery. He told us that from now on he must be called AFKAMP – Archaeologist Formerly Known As MP but we couldn’t find many details about how things happened.

When asked how he managed to find the temple that was almost completely covered in sand, he told us: “You know, I was walking with my dog right there, on top of the temple, when he suddenly fell inside the temple through the hole in the roof. So I started to dig to save him and that was it, I dug, I dug, I dug…”

“And when did you realise that this is a sacred place of scientific relevance?”

“I don’t know, this Lady Teacher came from the town and said this is an important building and we must remove as much sand as possible, so I dug, I dug, I dug…”.

“I understood, you dug a lot, but do you know that this is a discovery of incredible value?”

“The Lady said so, but I only found some rotten flesh and bones inside it, I swear to God, no gold no diamonds, nothing. However, she kept telling me that this is a real treasure, so I dug, I dug, I dug…”


That is all that we could learn from the heroes of the story, if you want to visit the historic site, the coordinates are x:-250, z:-250.


A day in EVO Minecraft world

I woke up in the morning, got out of the bed and looked outside to see how the weather was. Still rainy, so I quickly went back inside.

I then went into the bathroom, got my pajama off (don’t worry, there are no indecent pictures here), and took a shower.

I stopped the water to avoid wasting it, then I brushed my teeth. After I finished the morning washing I put on a shiny suite. Thinking of bad weather outside I went to the library to pick a book.

I found a very interesting one, The TNT Explosio(n), written by a young and promising author – MVPatrascu (my son). Armed against the boring rainy day I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen, to pick also some food. Then I installed myself comfortably and started reading.

The exhilarating non-stop action kept me interested for the whole two pages, to the sweet-sour end (I will not spoil it for you). I noticed some spell and grammar errors but they are excusable at his age (9 years), which is not the case for me.

A few hours later the weather was finally better, so I decided to take the subway to the Mall.

My favourite apparel store had some really shiny shirts but they were not blingy enough for me so I decided not to buy any of them.

By the time I finished shopping, it was already evening. I took a ride to the castle admiring the beautiful buildings in the area.

When I arrived there it was already midnight and the castle looked so scary that I suddenly felt the need to return to my nicely decorated hi-tech house. In fact, with the classy portrait on its wall, it must be the most beautiful house in the area.

Now I have to go to sleep because I must get up early if I want to have enough time to work on my unfinished super secret highly sophisticated project.


But I will present this project in another post, if I manage to finish it…