A Story about Friendship

Once a very active member of our community, MP was almost absent during the recent years. However, he recently published some nice pictures from one of his travels so I called to ask him about his most recent adventures. He told me that he is very far from home and the connection was not very good, but when I proposed to delay the discussion he said that it doesn’t bother him at all to talk. In fact, he seemed very excited about some events that the wanted to share with us. This is his story, as usually mixing fantasy with facts supported by pictures, but also revealing an unknown facet of his personality:

“On the way home from the citadel I encountered a lot of glitches into the matrix. My horse, Vifor, went missing many times so I had to return to search for him on the open sea (I traveled by boat and he was attached with a leash). I decided to take a route on land where the risk of losing him forever was lower. At least, I thought so…

We landed on a small peninsula covered by a birch forest and crossed by rivulets. Because of the lag I missed him again and again, disconnected and connected many times to recover him and in the end I drowned in a 4 blocks deep river trying to find Vifor. So I found myself in the graveyard in front of the ocean monument arena, with nothing in my inventory and not knowing exactly where I lost my horse and my items. After I uploaded the pictures from the citadel, I looked again at the map and I saw the graveyard was more than 1500 blocks away form the area were I have died so I needed a plan.

After 2 seconds of thinking, I reconnected to the matrix and I started swimming, running, climbing and running again towards the place where I hoped to find Vifor. I only stopped to steal a bed from an igloo, so I could skip the nights, and after a while I reached the birch forest.

I searched every river small or big, I even went swimming far from the shore not being sure if Vifor made it to the land but with no success. I lost my way many times, each time I looked at the map I was surprised to see how far I was compared to where I though I was.

I started to like the area and thought about making a base there so I kept wandering until… I saw him again – on a river bank, a few hundreds blocks from where I thought he should’ve been, my trusted Vifor, wearing his shiny armor, was guarding the chest with my lost items.

It was one of the most emotional reunions I ever had inside the matrix. Maybe it’s because that if you know the owner of the matrix he might try to restore a scene from a previous save, or he can even revive you partner, while here he seemed lost for ever. But most important was the bond created between us during the many days we traveled together, when he saved my life with his speed when we were surrounded by monsters or when I spent a lot of time carving a way for him out of the cave we have fallen in.

I think that from now on I will never travel alone again. He will help me be faster in the desert or in the plains, maybe we will be slower in the forests, but we will be together and together we can reach the top of the world.”

The call ended prematurely, right before we could ask for details about the so called matrix, deaths and revivals and so on. While we are proud to offer a platform for free speech to everyone, so we published the story exactly as told to us, we remind you that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author (MP in this case), and not necessarily to our site, to EVOMC community or to its moderators.

! Get the facts about the matrix


The Ocean Monument

For many years people were fascinated by the ocean monuments that seem to have been built by a civilization far more advanced than ours. Many teams gathered to explore such monuments and to make them available for public visits.

But we all know that this is a dangerous and very laborious enterprise, as strange prehistoric creatures still guard these monuments and attack the daring explorers. There are unconfirmed reports that the beasts use some kind of magic power inducing the so called “mining fatigue”.

Moreover, nobody could view them from the outside, as they are all in deep ocean. The satellite images just give us a hint of the majestic silhouettes but soon we could have a much better view.

Once famous (mostly for posing as an archaeologist and trying to take credit for other people’s discoveries), MP says he found o solution to reveal the full splendor of one monument. Based on his previous history, there is little wonder that people did not took him very seriously and laughed at his claims of possessing an advanced (alien?) technology, he named “coding”.

His first demonstration was a big fiasco, the only visible result being a global power black out, promptly repaired by the Engineer in Chief – ZZidka. One less known outcome of his actions was the complete disappearing of one monument that was under the monitoring of the Society for Protecting Underwater Monuments against Explorations – SPUME.

MP ignored the activists protests and he managed to enclose a second monument inside a huge glass wall that he later filled with sand to replace water. He then started to remove sand, but this takes time as care must be taken to avoid damaging the original structure and the scary guardians are still around (not to forget about the constant harassment given by SPUME).

He now asks for help from fellow explorers to uncover the beautiful structure. If you want to join the effort, you have to travel to the warp “om_dig” where you will find a constant supply of milk to prevent the mining fatigue. All you need is to come armed with your best digging equipment and a lot of patience.



The Jungle Adventure

2016-09-23_12-10-53Ten days ago, after one of the recent power outages in our village, MP told some friends that he witnessed the opening of a direct passage to the Nether that could have been the cause for the blackout. Since then he only was spotted once or twice, each time on a hurry, carrying his explorer backpack.

This morning we were surprised to meet him at the local restaurant, calmly enjoying his coffee and eager to talk to anyone. Obviously, we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his latest experiences .

-Hi, we are happy to see that you are ok, we heard that you went through some dangerous adventures these days. Can you tell us how it started?

-Yeah, did you hear about the desert monument that I discovered?

-Sure, but we are talking now about the more recent adventures into the jungle and about the gate to the Nether…

-I’m talking about the same thing. Hidden in a chest inside the monument I found an ancient map that was very difficult to understand because the shoreline changed a little and some rivers and lakes are not the same. A water route starts from the ocean, goes West in an arch passing near four temples then goes North towards a black and red church then takes a sinuous way to finish to a fire symbol slightly to the East.

After some research I saw that it covers some area near the end of our railway towards the West. It’s a huge jungle with a lot of rivers and lakes and, as I discovered there, tunnels filled with water. But I forgot to take a boat with me, so I had to go by foot most of the time.

Once inside the jungle the compass started to spin randomly so I couldn’t follow the route showed on the map. I wandered for days, passing near the old temples with some messages on the walls, sometimes finding myself in the same place as before, until I found a village at the edge of the jungle. The church in the village was black and red, exactly as the symbol on the map, so I knew it was the place I was looking for.

Not knowing if the locals were friendly or not, I hid myself during the night. In the morning I borrowed a boat and followed some of the villagers along the river and thru the water tunnels and after some time I saw a big fire on the water. They went thru the fire and disappeared.

-They were burned?

-No, they emerged back from the fire after half an hour, with some heavy chests, and  returned to the village.

-So they could walk through the fire?

-I think they did some trick with a lever that opened a secret entrance before going down, but they took it back when finished. After they left I tried to go down myself, but I get burnt.

-So you didn’t manage to get inside?

-No… Not then, said MP smiling mysteriously, then suddenly left the table saying he has some urgent business.

We ran after him to give him the pouch filled with nether wart that he forgot on the table, but he said we can keep it because he has plenty of it and went in a hurry. Tested in a lab, the nether wart proved to be of best quality, not obtainable in an overworld farm, and might worth a small fortune for the pharma industry.

So, what we know for now:

-the route starts near the end of line station of the Western railway (weekly departures from the village on Tuesdays at 13:00 UTC)

-it’s better to follow the route on water

-inside the temple there are messages on the walls; might be worth reading them

-the black red church is somehow important

-the final destination could be a source for valuable nether wart which could pay for expedition costs

And a final note. Inside the pouch MP left on the table there was a piece of paper with some words scribbled on it: inside the pit down 20 blocks  lever on the wall open door.



New archaeological discovery or hoax?

Known for the discovery (or, more precisely, the unearthing) of the desert temple situated not far from EVO village, once famous archaeologist MP is again in the news. He claims to have found an ancient building carved inside a mountain, but he just doesn’t remember the place.

He recalls he was walking on the suspended sandstone pathway outside the village taking pictures when he fell down into the water (blaming intense sun exposure for this). He decided to explore a little, hoping he might discover new interesting places and that’s exactly what happened: he found a beautiful rock-cut structure reminding of Petra treasury.

Unfortunatelly, his phone’s battery died just when he arrived, so among the pictures MP provided us there is only one image showing a part of some stone columns to support his story and even this one is considered unreliable by some experts (saying it could have been taken anywhere).

Because of the extreme heat and hunger (he ate only melon during this expedition and drank some unspecified liquid), MP passed out in front of the building, but he came to senses during the night and started to walk, arriving by chance at the old temple and from there to the village.

His story was not taken very seriously by anyone, until the owner of the local liquor store told some friends that our hero suddenly paid his years old debt after he came back from the desert, using a huge diamond.

The news spread quickly, so a lot of people came to explore the area hoping to find the place (and especially the treasure), based on the pictures. You can see them walking around the village like zombies, looking at their phones each step, just like Pokemons hunters.

Let’s see who will find the monument (if any). If you take part to the search, send us your pictures, but don’t put any coordinates on them. Good luck!


Astonishing Archaeological Discovery

Famous adventurer and archaeologist known as MP made a stunning discovery close to EVO MC village, unearthing an ancient temple very well preserved.

While it looks like he was not the first to enter the temple, as treasure hunters have been there before and took all the valuable things (at least that is what he declared to the authorities), the discovery is important because of the minutious restoration of the sacred place of those who inhabited this area long before us.


Interviewed by the reporters of EVO MC Journal, Rose Bard, well-known scientist who took part in securing the area and making it suitable for public access, told us: “This is an incredible find, I didn’t know such building even existed. We knew that people inhabited the desert before, but we didn’t expect they were such skilled builders. It would be difficult even today to craft the sandstone so smoothly.”


We also discussed with the brave explorer who made this staggering discovery. He told us that from now on he must be called AFKAMP – Archaeologist Formerly Known As MP but we couldn’t find many details about how things happened.

When asked how he managed to find the temple that was almost completely covered in sand, he told us: “You know, I was walking with my dog right there, on top of the temple, when he suddenly fell inside the temple through the hole in the roof. So I started to dig to save him and that was it, I dug, I dug, I dug…”

“And when did you realise that this is a sacred place of scientific relevance?”

“I don’t know, this Lady Teacher came from the town and said this is an important building and we must remove as much sand as possible, so I dug, I dug, I dug…”.

“I understood, you dug a lot, but do you know that this is a discovery of incredible value?”

“The Lady said so, but I only found some rotten flesh and bones inside it, I swear to God, no gold no diamonds, nothing. However, she kept telling me that this is a real treasure, so I dug, I dug, I dug…”


That is all that we could learn from the heroes of the story, if you want to visit the historic site, the coordinates are x:-250, z:-250.


A day in EVO Minecraft world

I woke up in the morning, got out of the bed and looked outside to see how the weather was. Still rainy, so I quickly went back inside.

I then went into the bathroom, got my pajama off (don’t worry, there are no indecent pictures here), and took a shower.

I stopped the water to avoid wasting it, then I brushed my teeth. After I finished the morning washing I put on a shiny suite. Thinking of bad weather outside I went to the library to pick a book.

I found a very interesting one, The TNT Explosio(n), written by a young and promising author – MVPatrascu (my son). Armed against the boring rainy day I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen, to pick also some food. Then I installed myself comfortably and started reading.

The exhilarating non-stop action kept me interested for the whole two pages, to the sweet-sour end (I will not spoil it for you). I noticed some spell and grammar errors but they are excusable at his age (9 years), which is not the case for me.

A few hours later the weather was finally better, so I decided to take the subway to the Mall.

My favourite apparel store had some really shiny shirts but they were not blingy enough for me so I decided not to buy any of them.

By the time I finished shopping, it was already evening. I took a ride to the castle admiring the beautiful buildings in the area.

When I arrived there it was already midnight and the castle looked so scary that I suddenly felt the need to return to my nicely decorated hi-tech house. In fact, with the classy portrait on its wall, it must be the most beautiful house in the area.

Now I have to go to sleep because I must get up early if I want to have enough time to work on my unfinished super secret highly sophisticated project.


But I will present this project in another post, if I manage to finish it…